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Easily earn more

We collect jobs in your area from Home Owners and Property Managers. You can quickly browse the available jobs and claim them to fill in the gaps in your schedule with efficient work.

Plan your schedule

You can book work when it works for you. Within your FixIt Pro portal you have a calendar that allows you to see the work you have planned at a glance. You can also see the distance between jobs so that you can manage your travel time better.

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Track your finances

Bill jobs, track expenses, streamline payment. FixIt is a comprehensive financial solution for you business. We collect funds on your behalf from the customer and enable prompt payment to you.

Streamline communication

We provide Job Chat, an direct chat line between you and the Home Owner or Property Manager. This way you can understand a job before you arrive, so that you can ensure that you have the right equipment and supplies.

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Keep us handy

If you don't need service right away, we make it easy to keep us in mind. Scan in the QR code or click the contact card image to add us to your phone contact list.